Third International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime

Hermann Minkowski
"Space and Time"
1908 - 2008


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Oral Presentations: Please see the Conference Program

Poster Presentations:

  1. John Ashmead
    Quantum Time

  2. Ronald F. Bruner (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rowan University)
    The Equation of State of Space in Minkowski Spacetime

  3. Richard Conn Henry (Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins University)
    Teaching Special Relativity: Minkowski trumps Einstein

  4. Eduardo V. Flores (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rowan University)
    Ether and the Theory of Relativity

  5. Tepper Gill (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Howard University)
    The Conventional Nature of Time, and Two Distinct Formulations of Special Relativity

  6. Gennadij A. Kuznetsov (Chelyabinsk State University, Russia)
    Minkowski space is obtained from information's logical properties

  7. Alexander Levichev (Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk and Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University)
    From Minkowski world M to Segal's cosmos D, and a possible role of two more worlds, L and F

  8. Toru Ohira (Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.)
    Non-locality and Stochasticity on the Time Axes

  9. James Overduin (Gravity Probe B Theory Group, Stanford University)
    Minkowski's Legacy in Higher Dimensions

  10. Aalok Pandya (Department of Physics, University of Rajasthan; and Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre, India)
    On the Ontology of the Quantum Structure of Space-Time

  11. Claudio Parmeggiani (Università di Milano)
    Spacetimes with and without Universal Connections

  12. Herbert Pietschmann (Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna)
    On the philosophical meaning of gravitation

  13. Roberto B. Salgado (Department of Physics, Syracuse University)
    New Ideas for Teaching Relativity with Minkowski Spacetime Diagrams

  14. Antoine van de Ven (Utrecht University)
    Superluminal signal velocities without causality violations

  15. Friedel Weinert (Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Bradford)
    Minkowski Space-time and Thermodynamics

  16. Witold Wiszniewski
    From McTaggart to the Relativistic Time-like Dimension